For some years we have been working almost exclusively for clients living in the Middle East. As a result, we are totally familiar with the various tax agreements signed between the Middle-Eastern countries (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Iraq …) and France (and other European countries such as Spain). This gives us the possibility of implementing the most advantageous tax optimization strategies.

The services of GFC, Tax advice, legal advisor


  • Legal analysis (contract, deeds, etc.)

  • Proposals of legal and tax strategies on real estate acquisition and ownership (in Europe)

  • Financial analyses (calculations of after-tax profitability – Internal Rates of Return – Business Plans…)

  • Setting up companies

  • All services related to consulting and business management

Download our document which explains “why to invest in real estate in France ? ” 


  • Analysis of the situation of each applicant
  • Resident permit application files presented according to the applicant’s situation


  • Building land

  • Residential housing

  • Offices

  • Retail outlets

  • Warehouses

  • Service Residences (Hotels, Businessmen’s Residences, Elderly People’s Homes)

We work with various partners specializing in real estate and property search.

Our partners are present in the area of Geneva (France and Switzerland), Paris, the French Riviera, as well as abroad, mainly in Spain (Barcelona, Costa Brava)


  • Constitution of funding folder (presentation of the project and borrowers, creation of the business plan, structuring and financing strategy…)
  • Finance research (submission of the folder to our banking partners, crowfunders, business-angels, private investors)
  • Negotiating rates and conditions (guarantees, duration…)



  • Receipt of financial and administrative mail (postal mail and email)
  • Translation of these mail and returns of these translation at your residence or at your business address (anywhere in the world)
  • Answer to these mail (with your permission)


Electronic archiving of all data, information, mails…

Benefits of electronic archiving:

  • Security (your data are indestructible and confidential)
  • Accessibility (possible everywhere in the world)
  • Efficiency and speed (viewed and downloaded in just one “click”)